Wolstenholmes Valves Limited – Site Work

Wolstenholmes Valves Limited Engineers on-site Our site staff have had many years experience working on customers sites and are well used to the disciplines and safety procedures involved.
All our engineers are “confined space and traverse” trained and have attended numerous site induction and safety courses.

The use of our engineers on site offers a skilled technical alternative for customers, freeing their own staff for other duties. We are able to offer a full range of on-site services from installation to commissioning.

Valve Modificaton

Site modification As site and plant manning levels reduce there is an increasing requiremnt to actuate and remotely control strategic valves.

We offer a comprehensive service, from the modification, and electronic or hydraulic actuation of a single valve or penstock through to actuation of interactive, multiple valve systems.

Shown (left) is a multiple valve hydraulic powerpack complete with digital position feedback, located at the top of a valve tower with the valves and hydraulic actuators some 80 feet below at the base of the reservoir.

Shown (right) is a locking device designed and manufactured by Wolstenholmes Valves Limited for a 108″ Butterfly Valve on a cooling water plant at a large UK power station.

The purpose of the locking device is to prevent unauthorised operation and to allow a safe working environment whist vital maintenance work is carried out inside the pipeline.